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New Product: Table Hem Welding Machine
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Hot air welder LST-PAU is of powerful hot air blower, adjustable pressure system and intelligent control panel. It is easy to operate and stable with fast and high quality welding, which is applicable for hem welding and rope welding with advertising cloth, banners and industry tarpaulins. This welder can be mounted on a sitting or standing table, and then it can start to weld immediately. Preparing or finishing with hot-air hand tools is no longer necessary.

New Product:  Table Hem Welding Machine 

1. Hem welding guide  

One  hem guide--three applications: closed hem welding( 20/30/40mm  optional), hem welding with rope and pole pockets welding up to 180mm. 

2. Table clamp  

The machine can be mounted both onto sitting or standing table by the quick-clamp lock. 

3. Intelligent control system  

With temperature and speed LCD screens and air volume adjust nut, it is easy to be operated. 

4. Foot Pedal  

Thanks to the foot pedal, your hands are free to guide the material. 

5. Pressure system  

The built-in weight of the press wheel can adjust the welding pressure infinitely. Various sizes of nozzles and press wheels are available to customize to suit the user's different applications.  



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