Heavy-Duty Geo Hot Wedge Welder LST900

Short Description:

 Heavy-Duty Geo Hot Wedge Welder.

 The welding machine adopts an advanced hot wedge structure, which has better heating efficiency and faster welding speed. It is especially suitable for 1.0-3.0mm thick HDPE membrane materials. The products are used in water conservancy, aquaculture, landfill, Chemical mining, sewage waterproof and anti-seepage projects in the fields of treatment, roof construction etc.

Closed-Loop Control System.

Simple and intuitive operation, Closed-loop heating temperature control, on-site working voltage display, real-time monitoring of working parameters.

Pressure adjustment system.

According to the thickness of the material, it is convenient to select the appropriate pressure. The T-shaped cantilever head design ensures the pressure.

Small orders accepted.

To meet small batch customized services.

To meet the voltage requirements of 120V and 230V different countries and EU standard, US standard, UK standard plug requirements.

CE certification testing by third party.







Closed -loop Control System
Simple and intuitive operation closed-loop heating temperature control, on-site working voltage display real-time monitoring of working parameters.

High torque transmission system
The high-torque motor is equipped with a precise two-group transmission mechanism, which can easily achieve large slope crawling and relatively harsh construction environments.

Pressure Adjustment System
The advanced T-shaped cantilever head design and pressure adjustment mechanism ensure that the left and right weld bead pressure is balanced and the weld seam is uniform, and the welding pressure is continuously adjustable.

Pressure Roller
Special steel pressing wheel, strong pressing force without slipping, durable

Newly upgraded Heating System
The hot wedge structure is more robust and can increase the contact area with welding material, which increases the welding efficiency by 30%.

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  • Model LST900
    Rated Voltage 230V/120V
    Rated Power 1800W/1650W
    Frequency 50/60HZ
    Heating Temperature 50~450℃
    Welding Speed 1.0-5m/min
    Material Thickness Welded 1.0mm-3.0mm(single layer)
    Seam Width 15mm*2,Interior Cavity 15mm
    Weld  Strength ≥85% material
    Overlap Width 12cm
    Digital Display temperature display
    Welding pressure 100-1000N
    Body weight 13kg
    Warranty 1 year

    HDPE (2.0mm) Geomembrane,solid waste landfills


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