Company History

Three young men with dreams started an enterprise.
The enterprise had three people with 150 sqm place.
The first geomembrane welder came out.
The welder was used for big Chinese government projects.

Lesite moved into city-level technology business incubator.
Lesite Welding Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established.
There was 12 employees and 600 sqm factory.
R & D and sales team was built.

The hot air guns was launched.
The hand extrusion welder was launched.
The roof hot air welder was launched.
Expansion of overseas business.

Peers from Swiss, American and other countries visited our company to discuss cooperation.
Products are continuously improved and launched, which entered the stage of accelerated incubation.
The factory's area was 1000 sqm with 30 employees.

The enterprise had 7 products series covering more than 20 types.
It had an independent modern factory with 57 employees and an area of 4000 sqm.
Our products began to be sold on Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and etc.
Product sales and services covered more than 50 countries and regions.

The national high-tech enterprise certification was obtained.
A global development strategy for the next 5 years was formulated.
An international brand was created and a global sales network was established.
Sales exceeded 100 million.