Fuzhou Lesite Plastics Welding Technology Co., Ltd. being one member of China Geosynthetics Engineering Association and China National Waterproofing Building Association is a high-tech enterprise specialized in plastic welding equipments research & development, manufacturing and technical consulting service on plastic welding machines and Industrial heating equipments.

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  • Invitation Letter | Lesite 7.2C32 Inviting You to Attend the 2024 DOMOTEX Asia International Flooring Exhibition

    230000 square meters of super large display area 1600+exhibitors and brands Cross border communication, international trade, design driven, and engineering procurement Four major themes with multi exhibition linkage, dual wheel drive of domestic and foreign trade 2024 DOMOTEX Asia International ...

  • Benefits of Choosing Industrial Hot Air Welding

    Hot air welding produces exceptionally strong seams and effectively bonds an extensive range of thermoplastic-coated materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC-coated fabrics, synthetic fabrics, and nylon. Whether your focus is on inflatables, awnings, or the pro...

  • The Essential Role of Handheld Extruders and Extrusion Welders in Plastic Welding

    As the demand for plastic welding continues to rise in various industries, it is essential to emphasize the importance of quality and efficiency in the welding process. Handheld extruders or extrusion welders play a crucial role in achieving precise and durable plastic w...

  • Hot Wedge Welding vs. Hot Air Welding: Which Is Better for Your Project?

    When welding thermoplastic materials, two popular methods that are often compared are hot wedge welding and hot air welding. Both techniques are used to create strong, durable and high-quality welds, but they each have their own unique characteristics and advantages. In this blog post, we will co...

  • What Is Roof Heat Welding? What Are the Advantages of Hot Air Roof Welding

    What Is Roof Heat Welding Roof heat welding, also known as thermoplastic welding or hot-air welding, is a method for joining thermoplastic roofing materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPO (thermoplastic olefin) membranes. The process involves using a specialized heat gun to soften the ro...