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The 35th CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition was grandly opened in Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center yesterday, April 17, 2023! As a leading plastics and rubber exhibition in Asia, “CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition” has gathered more than 3900 well-known exhibitors with 380000 square meters of exhibition area, and opened 18 pavilions in the Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center for the first time. The scale of the exhibition reached a new high.


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As the first world-class rubber and plastic industry exhibition held in China after the smooth transition of epidemic prevention and control, “CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition” actively presents the world’s top intelligent achievements, injecting new impetus into the rubber and plastic industry’s new journey towards high-end manufacturing. Here, there are renowned “international superstars” and countless rising stars; There are cutting-edge, hottest, and ultra cost-effective solutions, showcasing industry market trends at a glance. For four consecutive days (April 17-20), the “shaping” and passion of rubber and plastic technology were showcased.

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Entering the rubber and plastic exhibition, you will marvel at how thriving the development of the rubber and plastic industry is! Entering the Lesite  showroom, you will feel the innovative atmosphere that comes rushing towards you. As a professional manufacturer of plastic welding and industrial heating equipment in China, Lesite‘s rubber and plastic exhibitors each year have the strength to help the industry upgrade technology and add luster to the exhibition. This time, Lesite made a stunning appearance at the International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition with multiple high-quality products. With the company’s strong brand appeal and product strength, it sparked a wave of visits on site, attracting a large number of visitors to stop and watch, consult, and exchange!


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On site, Lesite sincerely demonstrated its “expert skills” and “unique skills”, showcasing cutting-edge and innovative solutions in the industry.At this exhibition, Leicester specially showcased its new product “Long Extrusion Welding Gun M-EX30″, which has super power, unique appearance design, and eye-catching index report. Domestic appearance exhibition customers have consulted and experienced it one after another. Various types of products such as manual hot air welding guns, geomembrane welding machines, and roof welding machines have also received high attention from the audience.

In addition to the dazzling display of exhibits on site, a series of eye-catching on-site welding demonstrations have pushed the bustling scene of the Lesite booth to a higher level. Domestic and foreign customers have flocked to and stopped to observe, and multiple customers have directly placed orders for procurement on-site


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Post time: Apr-18-2023