Craftsmanship and Service Innovation | Lesite carries out a series of after-sales maintenance services and skill training to improve the quality of after-sales service

After sales service is not only a form of responsibility for consumers by brand manufacturers, but also an important way for brand manufacturers to maintain their image. With the upgrading of consumption concepts, consumers no longer only focus on product prices, but also pay more attention to whether the brand quality is excellent and whether the after-sales service is perfect. Based on this, major brand enterprises have also begun to establish their own perfect after-sales service system.


As a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and technical service consulting of plastic welding and industrial heating equipment in China, Lesite  a strong technical research and development team, advanced production equipment, and a complete service system. Since its establishment, after-sales service has always been regarded as a part of product value. We value customer experience and feedback, continuously improve our software and hardware capabilities, and optimize our service system. In mid September, Lesite took the initiative and led a backbone technical and after-sales team to visit the Shanghai Laogang Ecological and Environmental Protection Base, the largest landfill in Asia, for on-site technical training and after-sales service support.



The Laogang Base is not only a solid waste disposal base in Shanghai, but also a window to showcase Shanghai’s solid waste disposal concept and technical strength. It undertakes social science education work, encourages more citizens to do a good job in garbage classification, and works together to contribute to the urban environment. The Old Port Base, which is now presented to everyone, has already transformed into a realistic version of ecological beauty. These transformations have witnessed the powerful measures taken by the people of Old Hong Kong on the journey of building a beautiful garden. These changes are thanks to the joint efforts of regional party building and the reasonable treatment of garbage landfills. Among them, in the construction of the Laogang Comprehensive Landfill, Lesite  LST900 and LST800 products have contributed greatly to the welding of HDPE impermeable geomembrane materials in its landfill. The Shanghai Laogang Ecological and Environmental Protection Base has over 15 Lesite machines LST900 and over 10 LST800, mainly welding HDPE 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm thick impermeable membrane materials. High quality welding machines and perfect welding technology enable the construction of a beautiful garden after the landfill area is closed.


The maintenance team members first conduct a comprehensive inspection and diagnosis of the machine, including visual inspection, auditory inspection, visual inspection, manual inspection, and plug-in testing to determine all faults. The second step is to obtain the customer’s consent before disassembling the machine, repairing damaged components, and replacing spare parts. The third step is to reassemble and test the machine, confirm that it is in good condition and repair, and then return it to the customer. Leicester machine maintenance strictly follows the above three steps to ensure the integrity of after-sales service. After several days of hard work by team members, 7 LST900 and 6 LST800 units were repaired on-site for the Shanghai Laogang Ecological and Environmental Protection Base.


This on-site on-site repair service has received collective praise from customers, The customer feedback said, “Lesite  is a manufacturer brand, and the after-sales team responded promptly and efficiently to machine faults. Upon receiving our after-sales repair request, they immediately sent a repair engineer. In order to avoid delaying equipment repair time due to accessories, they carried various possible accessories with them. Through professional judgment, they quickly repaired the machine and also helped us detect any problems with other machines. It is very trustworthy

Through this on-site maintenance service and training, all participants have gained a better understanding of product disassembly, assembly, fault detection, maintenance processes and skills, enabling them to more calmly respond to all problems encountered by customer machine maintenance in the future. Senior after-sales engineering teacher workers have a deep understanding: in the machine production industry, after-sales maintenance is an important guarantee, technology and instruments are our bread and butter, and we are even more skilled. Without technology and talent, we are helpless, so in our daily work, we constantly improve our skills through practice.

The three principles of timely response, efficient handling, and seeking truth from facts for Lesite’s after-sales service. Leicester promises to provide comprehensive and uninterrupted after-sales service and technical support throughout the year. Regardless of whether customers provide feedback on after-sales problems through phone, WeChat, QQ, email, or any other means, we will respond as soon as possible based on the specific after-sales situation and classify the faults. We will truthfully inform customers where the problems are, how to repair them, and assign corresponding technical personnel to handle the problems, followed by efficient fault repair Repair and provide full escort for customers.

The service is non-stop and the steps are continuous. Lesite will continue to adhere to the customer-oriented service philosophy, with craftsmanship and original intention, and strive to create an iron army team with complete technical knowledge, advanced service concepts, and rich practical experience, constructing a more three-dimensional and precise after-sales service system to protect users and start the next service chapter.


Post time: Sep-27-2023