DOMOTEX Asia 2023 Direct Attack | Lesite takes you to explore cutting-edge trends and witness the prosperity of the industry together

The DOMOTEX Asia 2023  opened grandly on July 26th at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Joining hands with BUILD ASIA Mega Show, with an exhibition area of 300000 square meters, we have gathered over 2500 exhibitors from upstream and downstream of the entire industry chain in the construction and installation industry, jointly launching a vibrant and revitalized industry event in Vientiane. The flooring exhibition is committed to integrating the world’s top floor materials and accessory technology, from flooring and carpets to elastic flooring, flooring, tiles, and stone, to achieve the coverage of the flooring industry, and play the important role of the global Asian procurement center for flooring, promoting industry development.


New product eye-catching booth is hot

As an old friend of the DOMOTEX flooring exhibition, Lesite has also arrived as scheduled this year, making a stunning appearance with the company’s 8 classic products. The exhibition hall is full of high-quality products, attracting everyone’s attention! At this exhibition, the booth design is based on a minimalist design concept, creatively showcasing multiple core products, conveying brand tone to the audience from multiple perspectives and in all directions. By creating a venue, we expand our interactive dialogue with customers and stimulate their deep perception of the Lesite brand.




Lesite closely follows industry trends and development trends, deeply explores market and consumer demand, continuously explores advanced technology and equipment, and provides customers with advanced floor production solutions. The latest floor welding machine exhibited in this exhibition is shining at the Shanghai Flooring Materials Exhibition, with strong recognition among numerous exhibitors’ exhibits. On the first day of its launch, it attracted numerous customers from both domestic and foreign markets to stop and watch, sparking unprecedented discussions! The scene was crowded with people, and experienced customers who had worked with us for a long time directly demonstrated the performance, stability, and heat resistance of the new machine, and praised it endlessly. The atmosphere at the scene was extremely enthusiastic, and the floor welding machine became the most important focus of attention in this exhibition.


Online and offline linkage power generation

The Chinese flooring industry, which has been dormant for three years, has experienced a strong rebound in the post pandemic market. Major audiences such as industry KOLs, professional buyers, distributors/distributors are more concerned than ever about the development trends of the flooring market and the trends of various brands in the second half of 2023. In addition to demonstrating the use method and performance of the floor machine for customers on the spot, our professional colleagues also gave a vivid demonstration of the use of hot air welding guns in floor welding. At the same time, Lesite patiently introduced the use of accessories for customers, and guided customers to pay attention to our online official website, official account and other brand official platforms, giving full play to its professional and online channel advantages, and fully meeting customer service needs.


Exciting, continue to follow

This exhibition will be held from July 26th to 28th. The first day is just the prelude, and more grand events are waiting for you to witness in person. We are waiting for your arrival at the 7.2D43 exhibition hall of the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center! Friends with cooperation intentions can directly contact the on-site staff at the exhibition hall. Lesite Technology looks forward to your arrival!


Post time: Jul-28-2023