“Implementing Safety Responsibilities and Building Safety Barriers Together” Lesite launches March fire drill

In order to further improve employees’ safety awareness and master emergency escape skills, according to the company’s emergency plan, on the morning of March 10, 2022, the company organized an emergency fire drill, and all employees participated in the event.



Before the drill, the factory director Nie Qiuguang first explained the basic fire fighting knowledge, fire extinguishing principles, types and use of fire extinguishers, etc., as well as drill precautions, and demonstrated the correct use of fire extinguishers, fire fighting steps and action essentials: company safety officer The firewood pile that had been placed in advance was lit. Director Nie ran to the fire scene with a fire extinguisher. At a distance of about 3 meters from the flame, he lifted the fire extinguisher and shook it up and down, then pulled out the safety pin, pressed the pressure handle with his right hand, and held the nozzle with his left hand. Swing left and right, and spray at the root of the burning fire point. The dry powder sprayed by the fire extinguisher covers the entire burning area and quickly extinguishes the open fire.






Afterwards, according to Director Nie’s demonstration, everyone rushed to put out the fire extinguisher in accordance with the prescribed actions, lift, pull, spray, aim at the root of the fire, press quickly, and quickly put out the raging fire, and then orderly rapid evacuation from the fire scene. At the same time, during the drill, the factory manager also explained to the employees who participated in the fire drill some escape, self-rescue and mutual rescue skills in the event of a fire, so that the knowledge of fire safety can be internalized and externalized.






A series of activities such as fire safety drills, safety hazard investigations, and safety production knowledge training are a series of regular activities throughout the year in Lesite, which have achieved full coverage of all departments of the company. Director Nie said that this drill is one of the “fire safety” series of activities, and the people who have traveled a hundred miles to ninety must always tighten the string of safety production work, and there can be no slack. I hope All departments took this drill as an opportunity to further strengthen the company’s fire safety protection work, and indeed provide a solid and powerful safety guarantee for the company’s long-term and stable development!



The successful holding of this fire drill has turned abstract safety knowledge into concrete practical drills, enabling all employees to understand the response measures in the event of a disaster, and improving everyone’s fire safety awareness and emergency rescue capabilities.

Post time: Mar-10-2022