Invitation Letter | Lesite 7.2C32 Inviting You to Attend the 2024 DOMOTEX Asia International Flooring Exhibition


230000 square meters of super large display area

1600+exhibitors and brands

Cross border communication, international trade, design driven, and engineering procurement

Four major themes with multi exhibition linkage, dual wheel drive of domestic and foreign trade

2024 DOMOTEX Asia International Flooring Exhibition

Will be from May 28th to 30th

Grand Opening at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

Opening an unmissable grand event in the construction and installation industry in the first half of the year


Numerous international big brands, cross-border pioneers, and emerging brands are competing to make appearances at the exhibition. Domestic industry enterprises are also constantly trying new channels and opportunities, and the trend of cross-border integration in industries is becoming more and more obvious. In the current crisis situation, they are exploring new advantages for development. This exhibition, where Lesite participated again, also proves our company’s strength in industry product research and development and quality. As a leading enterprise and independent manufacturer and sales brand in the domestic plastic welding and industrial heating equipment industry, Lesite will bring the latest and most comprehensive industry products and solutions to global customers. Find brands, expand foreign trade, observe trends, expand channels, and engage in collision and discussion with professionals at exhibitions, providing a professional and high-quality exhibition experience for upstream and downstream customers in the industry.


Faced with increasingly refined market demand, whether it is traditional production enterprises, raw material suppliers, or decoration and renovation engineering enterprises, they are all facing transformation and upgrading. Lesite will rely on its technological accumulation, independent research and development, practical application experience and advantages to help more related enterprises explore the global market! At this exhibition, you will be able to visit our products up close, experience their practical applications and usage methods. At the same time, we will initiate online and offline linkage, allowing customers to have a clear, intuitive, and comprehensive understanding of the Lesite brand. In addition to on-site visits to our latest technologies and products, we can also continue to pay attention to brand trends and learn about the latest trends through official account, official websites, etc.


This exhibition is not only to introduce our products to everyone, but also to meet numerous like-minded partners, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. We will uphold a consistent spirit of innovation and professional attitude, seeking truth, pragmatism, and sincere service to our customers. We are at booth 7.2C32, making an appointment with you. See you and don’t part ways!

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Post time: May-21-2024