Lesite electric knives make cutting easier

Cold winter day
You are still using traditional cutting tools
Cut foam, cloth, insulation board?
Lesite  Electric Cutting Knife
Lightweight, convenient and fast
Visible efficiency
Trustworthy quality

cutting of various cloths “leaves no traces, no loose threads”

Using  Lesite  electric knife to cut, can avoid the phenomenon of stray lines and burrs, (curve, straight line, arc can be used), the cutting effect is very ideal, and it can achieve the effect of “leave no traces and no stray lines”!

In order to achieve a smooth cutting edge, a blade with a sharper edge should be used;
The blade should not be too thick. On the premise of ensuring the rigidity of the blade, try to use a thin blade;
In order to leave no traces after thermal cutting, the temperature of the blade should be suitable. The temperature of the blade is different for fabrics woven from fibers of different materials. The effect of adjusting the temperature of the blade can be achieved by adjusting the power of the electric knife.


All kinds of foam cutting-fast, convenient and accurate

Many equipment and instrument manufacturing plants need to make foam linings for product packaging to protect the products from damage during transportation. If you use an ordinary art blade to cut, this job is very laborious! And it will produce a lot of debris, and the foam lining will have a lot of burrs! Using the Lesite  electric cutting knife, you can cut out the foam shape you need smoothly and quickly. The Leicester electric cutting is so easy to use!

Post time: Dec-20-2021