Lesite invites you to join us at the 2023 China Waterproof Exhibition


The long-awaited “2023 China Waterproof Exhibition” is about to begin, with the theme of “New Standards, New Opportunities, and New Future – Engineering Waterproof System Solutions under the Full Text Compulsory Specification System”. It will present a feast of engineering waterproof system solutions that match the full text mandatory specification system to professional audiences. The exhibition covers a scale of 165000 square meters, gathers over 1200 top brands, releases over 10000 new products, holds over 100 industry forums, and is focused by over 100 media. It is rich in content and gathers experts, and is held simultaneously with the FBC China International Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo, CADE Architectural Design Expo, and RealTech Future Real Estate Expo. The four exhibitions are interconnected, making it undoubtedly a world-class event in the construction industry.


Three years away, ready to go! On August 3-5, 2023, as a member of the Waterproof Association for many years, Lesite has participated in this comprehensive event for many consecutive years. This time, we will also present a new roof plastic welding solution for the waterproofing industry at the China Building Waterproofing Technology Exhibition. Over the years, Lesite has been both a witness to the rapid development of the industry and a participant in promoting high-quality development. Its innovative development in plastic welding and industrial heating equipment research and production manufacturing has been recognized by many colleagues and gradually become an industry consensus. At this exhibition, Lesite will continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the industry, and we will provide customers with the most professional knowledge at that time.


At this booth, Lesite uses logo color as a special decoration color tone, showcasing a simple, flowing, technological, and innovative style, reflecting the brand tone of enterprise innovation, technology, and high quality. And demonstrate the practical application of the product from a unique perspective, allowing customers to learn about Lesite’s latest technology, and personally test product performance on-site, comprehensively understanding the product through practical operations!

Lesite takes advantage of the situation and moves forward bravely. From August 3rd to 5th, we will meet with you in Mordo, face-to-face communication, and win-win cooperation to embark on a eagerly awaited three-year appointment. We will meet in Shanghai!


August 3-5

Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, China

2023 China International Roof and Building Waterproofing Technology Exhibition

Lesite booth number: Hall 5.2-660


Metro: Exit 4, 5 and 6 of East Xujing station of Line 2

Public transportation:

1. Route 865: It can be connected to Shanghai Zoo, Caohejing Development Zone and Jinjiang Park station

2. No. 706: It can be connected to Jiuting station

3. Line 776: It can be connected to subway Ziteng Road and Zhongshan Park Station

Self driving route: Yan’an Elevated Road, South Outer Ring Expressway direction, Jiamin Elevated Road – Jianhong Elevated Road – Yinggang East Road – Zhuguang Road (West Gate of National Convention and Exhibition Center); North Zhai Elevated Road, North Outer Ring Expressway direction, Jiamin Elevated Road Songze Elevated Road Panlong Road Lower Ramp Longlian Road Zhuguang Road (West Gate of National Convention and Exhibition Center)

Post time: Aug-01-2023