Lesite new products have become industry highlights with the 2020 Waterproof Exhibition is grandly opened!

The golden autumn is refreshing and the fruits are fragrant. On October 28th, the 2020 China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition hosted by the China Building Waterproofing Association and supported by the International Roofing Alliance, the American Roofing Engineering Association and the German Roofing Engineering Association with the theme of "Grasp new opportunities and welcome the new future" Grand opening at the Beijing International Conference Center.

Opening day of the exhibition

The scene was full of grand occasions

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At a glance today's events

Famous big enterprises gather
The annual waterproof exhibition is the annual event of China's waterproof industry. As one of the three major international waterproof exhibitions, this exhibition
with an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, more than 260 exhibitors will show more than 800 latest waterproof products and systems, covering the entire industrial chain of the waterproof industry. 

It is a full-function platform with strong domestic sales and export and foreign trade, focusing on creating high-quality exhibitions, screening high-quality brand companies to participate in the exhibition, attracting high-quality buyers to visit and purchase, closely following the current situation of the industry, and releasing industry trends And cutting-edge new products, and striving to accumulate energy for industry enterprises to resume development after the epidemic.

Visitors around China join in the grand event

On the opening day of the exhibition, the organizers carefully set up the anti-epidemic commendation of the building waterproofing industry in the new product release and construction demonstration area in the first floor of the exhibition hall, the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the new product launch conference of the whole industry chain, and the demonstration of international roofing and waterproof technology construction. The interaction of the scene was enhanced, and it attracted tens of thousands of spectators to participate. The scene was full of voices, and guests around China participated in the grand event.

Newly presented product coming shocks

Fuzhou Lesite brought a new generation of roofing hot-air welding machines LST-WP4 and LST-RM1 to showed this time and attracted the attention of many people on the exhibition.



LST-WP4 has a brand-new shape design, multi-scene welding application. Whether in the roof gutter or on the edge, or near the parapet or other narrow spaces, high-quality thermoplastic waterproofing membranes can be welded quickly (PVC, TPO, EPDM, ECB, EVA, etc.). The maintenance-free brushless motor of the enhanced version gives it high performance and durability, and the overall performance is much higher than that of products of the same level.



The new generation of roofing hot air welding machine RM1, affordable price, mini shape, also equipped with high-end machine 3400W high-power heating unit and closed-loop digital display temperature and speed control panel, to achieve high-quality thermoplastic waterproof membrane welding (PVC , TPO, EPDM, ECB, EVA, etc.), the overall performance is much higher than products of the same level.

Online and offline sales

On the opening day of the Waterproof Exhibition on October 28, Lesite Technology’s new products were launched simultaneously on a number of domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, providing domestic and foreign customers with an opportunity to start new products first. Online shopping and offline display and sales were achieved. Unbounded integration allows customers to enjoy the company's latest and most cutting-edge technology and new product services without leaving home. 


In response to this new product sale,LesiteTechnology launched the "Each LST-WP4 Comes With One Free Hot Air Welding Gun" promotion month event for the first time (Activity period: October 28th-November 28th), allowing customers to buy new products with more benefits and more experience carefree.

On the first day of the launch,Popular in Lesite booth

Fuzhou Lesite Plastic Welding Technology Co., Ltd. booth number is 1208. The whole booth is around roof welding products, combined with on-site equipment display and demonstration, company introduction, product exhibition wall, product leaflets, etc., to fully enrich the audience’s hot air welding products on the roof. 


A sense of on-site experience. The live display area was crowded with people. Lesite technology professionals gave live demonstrations and explanations for the guests. Customers from China and abroad showed deep interest in Lesite's products.


In the product display area, the audience can have zero-distance contact with the product, and can intuitively experience the performance of the product by touching, observing, and trying it out. There are customers who inquire about the product's characteristics on the spot, and even many customers directly place orders. The exhibition hall is very popular and the scene is quite spectacular.


More than that, the excitement continues

The 2020 waterproof exhibition has just kicked off, and the excitement is much more than that. In the next 2 days, surprises will continue to upgrade, and we look forward to your arrival!

Exhibition name: 2020 China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition

Booth number: 1208

Visiting time: October 28-30, 2020

Location: Beijing·The National Convention Center

Post time: Jan-07-2021