LESITE |Product packaging is newly upgraded and brand image continues to deepen

New year and new life with new packaging upgrade

Time lives up to the dream chaser, and it's another spring year. Looking back on 2020, we will overcome the difficulties together, work hard, or stay warm as ever. Everyone has their own harvest. Looking forward to the new year, people are looking forward to a better life, and everyone will share their wishes, share their harvest, and plan the new year and new life. As a leader in the domestic plastics industry, Lesite continues to reform and upgrade, introduce new ones, and open the prelude to a comprehensive upgrade of its brand image on its journey to new heights. It has created a new brand image from refined management of the company to product packaging and brand services. In order to meet the different needs of the market at various stages, it provides a strong motivation and guarantee for the rapid and steady development of the future and the creation of an international brand.


New product packaging creates new heights

To change for importance. The 2021 Lesite roofing series products will be displayed in front of the public with a brand-new product outer packaging image. This packaging upgrade is mainly for the product outer packaging box, the inside of the packaging box, the product body, the product nameplate, the product manual and the packaging specification. With a unified upgrade, clear and recognizable brand logos are placed on both the fuselage and the outer packaging box, so that the product can stand out among the dazzling products in the same industry for the first time. While gaining higher consumer recognition and identification, Lesite Technology also expects to be able to more clearly convey the brand's philosophy and values through packaging upgrades.


New upgrade of service, creating new value

Because of professionalism, upgrade. Lesite Technology has been deeply involved in the industry for 15 years, insisting on brand innovation and boosting brand value. The upgrade of this design revision is another sublimation of Lesite brand image. Driven by the new brand image design, Lesite has completed a new transformation. The brand connotation inspired by the brand optimization complements Lesite. Development shortcomings in the current consumption scene. In today's pursuit of ingenuity, both products and packaging, Lesite are constantly upgrading, while meeting customer needs, moving forward with the times!

1.After the package outsourcing upgrade


Lesite brand English carton


Lesite Brand Chinese Outer Box

2. After upgrading the inside of the box


Lesite brand English inner packaging


Neutral packing

3. After the fuselage LOGO is upgraded


Chinese and English version of Lesite brand body style


Neutral packing

4. After the control panel is upgraded


Lesite brand Chinese and English version of the body style

5. After the nameplate is upgraded


Lesite has English nameplates


Lesite Brushless English Nameplate


Lesite has a Chinese nameplate


Lesite Brushless Chinese Nameplate


Neutral nameplate

6. After the manual is upgraded


Lesite brand English manual


Lesite Brand Chinese Manual

The packaging appearance of Lesite Technology's roofing series products has been upgraded. The new packaging (serial number) will be launched on February 1, 2021. The existing old packaging will also be sold while stocks last. The products with the new and old packaging are same. Agents and distributors at all levels can continue to use the old packaging products in their original inventory. The production and distribution of new packaging requires a gradual process, so you don't need to worry about it.

Thank you for your long-term support and trust in Lesite In the future, Lesite Technology will always be market-oriented, customer-centric, continue to research products, optimize services, and strive to build a sustainable and respected excellent enterprise.

Post time: Feb-25-2021