Longqi Huazhang to build a splendid scene-Fuzhou lesite 2023 year-end summary conference ended successfully


Rabbit farewell to the old year, dragon welcome the New Year. Time flies, and it’s a New Year. On January 28, 2023, Fuzhou lesite 2023 year-end summary Conference was successfully held on the second floor of the company. All employees of Fuzhou Leicester gathered together to summarize the work achievements and experience of 2023, look forward to 2024, and start a new chapter based on a new starting point.


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The sea is wide, and the wind is just sailing. The summary meeting was presided over by Yu Han, deputy General manager of Leicester. The conference is divided into three parts: summary outlook, employee commendation, dinner and lucky draw.


Annual summary of each department

2-1 副总经理余寒主持会议_副本 

The annual summary meeting kicked off with the opening remarks of the host.

 3-2 销售部总结_副本

The summary meeting was first shared by Li Weijun, Director of the sales department, who summarized the promotion of the department’s sales channels, brand upgrading, innovation cooperation, after-sales service and other aspects. It is pointed out that in the past year, the department has made remarkable achievements in terms of domestic and foreign product sales, brand upgrading and technical service support upgrading. Emphasize that market competition is always the competition of strategy, brand and details, we must be keen to understand the industry trend and make overall planning; Think twice a day to change, good at summarizing to change strain; Think and summarize frequently, learn from the past, and strive for excellence. At the end of the meeting, the work priorities of the 2024 sector were deployed.



The traces of the past are not only data, but also the courage to go out and the moving moments. Nie Qiuguang shared interesting and valuable stories that he encountered in Going out activities, services and training in 2023. In the on-site sharing session, he used a vivid and interesting interactive way to make the mark of 2023 sales Department more clear, and also let us meditate and reflect on the many shortcomings encountered in the process.

 4-2 生产部总结_副本

Then, Xu Jiuzhou, director of the production department, made a department summary report, and Xu, director of the production Department made a review of the work throughout the year and analyzed the past. Review the work of 2023 department in detail from the aspects of factory production process, production management , Lesite spirit, etc., and plan the focus of work for 2024 from 5 aspects. He emphasized the shift within 2024 production from meeting shipping demand to scheduled production changes. Finally, it points out that the teamwork ability of the department has been further strengthened, and especially praises the special period, the employees of the department show the spirit of lesite people taking the factory as the home. At the same time, 2024 requirements for myself: as a manager, in the face of a “new” scene in the future of the factory, how should I plan the production work comprehensively with a new mentality, thinking consciousness and working ability?

 5-2 研发部总结_副本

Subsequently, Lin Min, head of the research and development department, made a shared summary. Mr. Lin pointed out that with the expansion of the company’s production scale, product technology has become extremely heavy, 2023 although there is a new breakthrough in the research and development of some machines, but the overall product upgrade design still needs to continue to innovate and improve. Research and development is the soul, quality is life, and cutting-edge technology promotes productivity. To build the core competitiveness of enterprises, important talents are needed, the latest technology is applied, intensive cultivation is focused on breakthroughs.

 6-1  林总总结_副本

Lin Min, general manager of lesite, shared a summary, and he said that the 2023 year of burning passion has already passed, and we have sent away the years in the struggle and cast brilliance in the hard work. This year, with the joint efforts of all employees, Lesite forged ahead with unity, courage and perseverance, and worked hard to overcome the adverse impact of the post-epidemic era on all walks of life, and all departments worked together to complete the overall goal of the company and delivered certain achievements at an uncertain time. The sales department has made new breakthroughs in individual fields, and has taken a solid step for Leicester to go strong to the world goal. At the same time, it also pointed out the many problems existing in the company’s various departments in the past year, reminding us that while accomplishing our goals, we should also clearly see the shortcomings, maintain a modest and enterprising spirit, and constantly learn new skills and master new knowledge. And put forward the rectification suggestions and opinions for each department in the New Year. Finally, I put forward a new message and hope to all the employees of 2024: work hard and work hard again, and strive to build Leicester into an internationally influential enterprise as soon as possible.

 7-2 陈老师总结_副本

Finally, Mr. Chen Kun of the enterprise management company brought wonderful sharing to everyone. Mr. Chen first congratulated lesite on the achievements of 2023, and then elaborated on several aspects of the reform needed for the development and upgrading of the enterprise, emphasizing that the customization of all strategic programs is to reach a certain end point, and only accurate planning can efficiently complete the goal. Finally, he put forward new expectations and wishes for the development of lesite 2024.


Annual commendation conference and award ceremony


On the long journey, there are always people holding the torch ahead. The steady development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. The winners are the best of Leicester and the pride of Leicester. They have made excellent contributions to Leicester with their perseverance and outstanding performance. Let us congratulate them.

 家庭旅游奖 十年员工忠诚奖 特殊贡献奖 通报嘉奖 新人奖 (2) 优秀员工奖


Rivers care for those who row harder, and stars do not care for those who walk on. Recognition of excellence is not only to affirm the efforts of excellent employees for a year, increase the self-confidence of employees, but also to motivate the determination of the team and employees to continue to work hard. I believe that in the future, Leicester will have more and more excellent employees like them. Let us take them as inspiration and role models, and continue to struggle with more enthusiasm!



Dinner and raffle


After the meeting, in order to thank all employees for their hard work for a year, the company held an annual meeting dinner. Everyone is toasting, drinking, talking freely, enjoying food and joy.

 二等奖 (2) 三等奖 特殊奖 一等奖


With the birth of a round of lucky stars, there was a lot of laughter on the stage and off the stage, and the lucky draw brought the dinner to a climax, and ended after the special prize was announced.


Spring mountain is expected, the future can be expected; Full of passion and high spirits. Looking back on the past, we have worked hard in perseverance and made breakthroughs in hand in hand. Facing the new journey, we will continue to ride the waves together through thick and thin, uphold the fearless spirit, break out of China, and dominate the world! 2024 is already at your feet, step by step, day by day, just try your best to move forward!

Post time: Jan-31-2024