LST-1600E is renewed and is more than a little easy to use!


LST1600E is a portable, economical and practical hand tool with continuously adjustable electronic temperature control, high temperature control accuracy, reliable performance, compact structure and long service life. Long-term high temperature continuous stable and reliable operation, with small size, light weight, easy to use and other characteristics.

Different nozzles can be changed to meet different welding needs. In addition to welding, it can also perform thermoforming and docking operations on plastics. It can be used with automatic welding machines and extrusion plastic welding guns.




Application range of hot air welding gun:
1.Welding of roof polymer coils and asphalt;
2.Welding of tarpaulin and advertising cloth;
3.PVC floor welding;
4.Processing of thermoplastic rigid materials in plastics and container manufacturing;
5.Molding of thermoplastics;
6.Dry wet surfaces;
7.Activation and shedding of adhesives and hot melts.

Use of hot air torch and matters needing attention:
1. After turning on the power, adjust the temperature to a suitable gear, pay attention to the uniform movement speed, too fast or too slow will cause false welding or damage;
2. The welding torch generates high temperature and heat when in use, please do not approach flammable materials or explosive gases;
3. When the welding torch is not in use, do not turn off the power immediately, and then turn off the power when the temperature of the welding torch is lowered to the point that your hands are not hot;
4. Pay attention to the surface temperature of the adhesive film by hand many times during the welding process to prevent the solder paste film;
4. It is strictly forbidden to construct and use in water or muddy sites, and avoid flooding, rain or damp.

Post time: Dec-29-2021