Made for Pulling Films | Solid and Reliable, the Lesite Film puller is New!

0.8KG hand-held self-clamping film puller specially designed for film pulling

The best choice for large-area film pulling



Compared with traditional forceps, it is clumsy and has great safety hazards.

Lesite’s new listing film puller

Lightweight and portable, easy to use

One open, one clip, one pull, safety pull film

Unique self-locking mode

Firm and not loose, more reliable clamping



The body is all made of stainless steel

Durable to withstand the test of time




0-10mm film can be clamped

The clamping range is large, and the film is easy to handle



Multiple people pulling together, efficient film laying,

Qianping film material, easy to handle, better film pulling



Reliable structure, stable

One person can easily pull the film

Professional film puller, just so easy to use!



Post time: Aug-19-2022