Official announcement: Lesite English official website is now online!


“Corporate official website” is an important window for companies to display products and services to the outside world, and is also an important cornerstone for companies to occupy the market. In order to give customers a more comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of Lesite, and to obtain professional information in a timely and effective manner, after months of careful preparation and planning, Lesite’s newly upgraded English official website (Domain name: was officially launched today! In the future, the English official website will be the only official website platform for Lesite’s overseas display and promotion, and it will become one of the most important channels for overseas customers to learn more about Lesite.



Brand new upgrade, more reasonable layout


The new website has been upgraded and optimized at a higher level from the structure to the content. In terms of layout, the official website is divided into six sections: About Us, Product Zone, Application Zone, News and Information, Download Zone, and Contact Us. The functions of each section are clear, and the key points are prominent. At the same time, practical navigation and search portals are provided to identify and locate needs at the first time, so that customers can obtain the company’s product and service information more quickly.






real hardcore power faction




About UsIntroduced in detail the development history of the company and the company’s team and technical strength. Lesite’s past and present lives, waiting for you to read, help you quickly get Lesite’s hardcore strength! As a high-tech enterprise specializing in plastic welding and industrial heating equipment, Leicester has developed into a leader in the industry since its establishment in 2005. The company’s products cover geomembrane welding machines, plastic extrusion welding machines, roof welding machines, hot air welding guns, advertising tarpaulin welding machines, etc., and are widely used in environmental protection and anti-seepage, building waterproofing, plastic welding, industrial heating lamps, etc. Fields, product sales and services cover more than 50 countries and regions.




Official authentic, guaranteed after sale






[Product ] The products on display are all official Lester authentic products. Overseas consumers can directly connect with the brand. All products sold are guaranteed for authenticity, one year warranty, and after-sales guarantee. The independent [download ] provides the most convenient channel for customers to obtain product information. The classification is clear, and the detailed product catalog and product manual are introduced, so that customers can download the required information at the fastest speed, and the experience is perfect.


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News , full channel coverage




Lesite official website has been cueed by authoritative media again? The latest and most flammable news is all in [News]. [News] on the official website is the most authoritative and comprehensive section for understanding Lesite news trends, allowing you to become a small information expert in seconds, and you will never be afraid to miss the big event in Lesite! In addition, the official website also links to Lesite‘s official Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other foreign social platforms. Users can learn more about  Lesite through these platforms.




If you have any questions, don’t forget to contact us! There is an “online service” pop-up window on the right side of the website navigation bar and every page, you can leave your information about your needs, and Lesite will arrange the most professional Our customer service and sales staff will serve you wholeheartedly!




The new upgrade of Lesite‘s English official website is another upgrade of Lesite‘s corporate brand image, a new starting point for Lesite‘s determination to explore foreign markets, and a new manifestation of Lesite‘s diversified development and corporate strength.  The new official website helps users to effectively understand the company’s background and strength through friendly user interaction interfaces and convenient visual operations, so as to find products that suit their needs. Whether it is mobile or computer, Lesite‘s new English official website is sufficient to provide an exciting user experience.


Post time: Jun-30-2021