Strive to open a new situation and set sail for a new journey | Lesite 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference successfully concluded

At the beginning of the year, the vitality of the new year

Time series change, Huazhang Rixin

Review 2022

Work hard together and harvest in a year

Looking forward to 2023

Build a new starting point and start a new journey!

On the afternoon of January 14, 2023, the 2022 annual summary and commendation meeting of Fuzhou Lesite Plastic Welding Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the factory of the company. On this day of carrying forward the past and opening up the future, all the employees of Lesite gathered together to focus on development, work hard, and draw the new picture of 2023 with tenacity.



 Leaders’ Message: Passion and Endeavour


Speak loudly about the journey and set sail for a new start. First of all, Lin Min, the general manager of  Lesite , made the annual work report and wished the New Year. Mr. Lin mainly elaborated on the efforts and achievements of the company in 2022 from product research and development, business development, workshop production, brand building and other aspects.



President Lin said that 2022 was a challenging year, and the development of the enterprise was affected to some extent by the epidemic and the Russian-Uzbekistan war. However, the company and employees did not flinch, faced the difficulties, and worked hard to overcome the difficulties in a down-to-earth and united manner, and affirmed this spirit. President Lin pointed out that the development of enterprises can not be separated from people, and the fire is high when people gather firewood. Only when enterprises absorb more and more excellent talents, can the development of enterprises be more stable and faster. Looking forward to 2023, Mr. Lin pointed out that the R&D, promotion and sales of new brands are the key objectives of the company in the new year. Everyone should have a sense of crisis, keep in mind the three elements and three capabilities of the enterprise, stand at a new starting point, forge ahead with a new journey, and create new brilliance for the company! Finally, I hope you can work and live happily in Lesite.



Commend the advanced model power

In 2022, despite the repeated epidemic and the difficult and volatile external environment, there will still emerge many outstanding employees with outstanding performance, courage to take responsibility and dedication. Only when the sea is flowing, can we be heroic. Their appearance is like a light in the dark night, which inspires us to work hard and forge ahead bravely. To this end, Lester commended the employees who made outstanding contributions and performed well in 2022.


Employees are the smallest unit of the company. The company’s growth and development can not be separated from the excellent leadership of the leaders, let alone the injection of every new blood.


A reward is the hard work of the whole year, an honor, and also the help to realize dreams in the future. In the past short time, you have not only created outstanding achievements, but also set an example for us of “unity and cooperation, hard work, courage to take responsibility, dedication”.


Time is a great creator and a faithful recorder. Your busy figure composes the sparkling waves and surging waves of the company, and your hardworking attitude shows off the magnificent blueprint of the company in the ascendant.


Your fearless spirit of dedication, dedication and responsibility is deeply engraved in everyone’s heart, practiced in the ordinary, and precipitated in the years. When you sharpen a sword for many years, it will be sharp. You personally interpret the complete connotation of “treating each other with sincerity and sharing weal and woe”.


Good luck keeps coming

The much-anticipated draw brought more joy and interest to the annual meeting. Everyone shook hands. With the gradual announcement of the special prize, the first prize, the second prize and the third prize, the climax of the annual meeting was set off, and the atmosphere of the whole party reached the highest point.



Hundreds of boats compete for the current and thousands of sails compete. The tide is flat and the shore is wide. 2023 is destined to be a year full of opportunities and challenges, and also a year full of passion and dreams. All Lesite people believe that under the firm leadership and strong support of the company’s leaders, and with the joint efforts of everyone, they will be able to stride forward steadily and overcome difficulties. Let’s join hands to forge ahead and jointly create the future, forge ahead and make a new chapter.




Post time: Jan-14-2023