The 2020 Waterproof Exhibition ended perfectly, and the Lesite booth was well received!


Today, the three-day 2020 China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition ended successfully. There are more than 260 exhibitors at the exhibition, and well-known brands from the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, China and other countries and regions participate. The exhibits cover the entire industrial chain of the waterproof industry, providing visitors with efficient and convenient procurement. Station platform. The exhibition realized the integration of offline and online, and tens of thousands of people gathered on the spot, which was very popular.


Exhibition hall: crowded

In the waterproof exhibition, the company's exhibition hall, the unique Lesite-style special booth construction, and the rich and strong Lesite cultural atmosphere will bring you not only a grand event of high-quality products, but also a feast of visual impact . The audience walked into the Lesite booth in an endless stream. The product's perfect appearance, exquisite workmanship, high-end design and strong power have won unanimous praise from customers. 


Exhibitors from home and abroad came to experience and visit the site. The neatly arranged air guns and pressure wheels, the exquisite pieces and styles, attracted the attention of many customers, and they consulted and purchased one after another. "WP4 and LST-RM1" are full of praise and give high praise.


Strength: It's obvious to all

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in plastic welding and industrial heating equipment research and development, production and technical service consulting. Internationalization, world brand positioning, and outstanding product performance have become Lesite's business cards, and it has also enabled more material manufacturers and distributors in the waterproofing industry to actively cooperate with Lesite. 


The on-site demonstration of Joyoung Waterproofing Company participating in this exhibition uses the new product LST-WP4 from the Lesite exhibition. The eager eyes, eager attention and sincere experience of everyone on the scene once again perfectly interpret the Lesite industrial equipment The beauty shows the strength of Lesite's industry prospects. 

Steps: unwavering

Walk firmly and shuttle continuously. This exhibition has been fruitful. From every small detail at the beginning of the exhibition to the last moment of the exhibition, the friends of Lesite have devoted their seriousness and enthusiasm to the best effect of this exhibition.


For three days, our friends have been moving back and forth in the exhibition hall, leading exhibitors to visit, providing them with detailed explanations and on-site demonstrations! Here, we also want to say to every colleague who set up the exhibition: You have worked hard.

The future: writing together

Thank you to everyone who supports Lesite for coming to the booth. It is you who gave us the motivation to continuously develop, innovate and move forward. In the future, we will unswervingly make high-quality products and serve the industry with our heart.

Lester welcomes customers who are interested in plastic welding and industrial heating equipment to visit at any time. In the future, we invite you to write together! There is a confidant in the sea, and the world is close to each other, looking forward to seeing us again in the coming year!

Post time: Jan-07-2021