The 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition has come to a successful end | The curtain will not end, and the future is even more promising!

The 4-day CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition concluded perfectly at 17:00 yesterday (April 20th)! The total number of visitors in 4 days: 248222, and the popularity of the exhibition continued to explode over the past four days. Overseas visitors returned in large numbers, and both exhibitors and visitors maintained full enthusiasm. The scene presented a thriving scene, reflecting the industry’s high confidence in economic and trade recovery. Here, you can experience what technology knows no borders, exchange and development together! Here, people can have a panoramic view of the imaginative boundaries of rubber and plastic technology. The on-site popularity was explosive and the transactions were enthusiastic, fully demonstrating the strength of the International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition.

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Although the exhibition was separated by two years due to the impact of the epidemic, all participating companies did not stop moving forward. During this period of “closed door cultivation”, each company accumulated experience, developed new products, and fully demonstrated the achievements of these two years through this international event, presenting their proud works to the audience. Continuous technological progress is the biggest driving force for the continuous progress and development of enterprises. To ensure technological leadership, Lesite showcased a full range of star products at this exhibition, with a focus on the new extrusion welding gun M-EX30, which was demonstrated on-site by experienced staff. The high-quality, high safety, and stable products exhibited on-site received unanimous praise from customers.

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Friends are from all over the world, and friends are from all corners of the earth. The numerous products showcased by our company have attracted a large number of professional viewers who are eager to leave. In front of the booth, there is a constant stream of people, and overseas visitors are returning in large numbers to discover, explore, get to know, and communicate here. During the four day exhibition, our team has always been enthusiastic about patiently explaining products to every customer, answering their questions carefully, listening carefully to their needs, and providing the most suitable solutions for them. Through “face-to-face” in-depth communication and exchange, customers at home and abroad from Türkiye, Bulgaria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Russia, India, Vietnam, Oman, Portugal and many other countries learned about the characteristics and advantages of  Lesite‘s products, and expressed admiration for the professionalism of Leicester’s technical personnel. At this exhibition, Lesite has established closer connections and maintained friendly and continuous cooperation with numerous new and old customers at home and abroad.


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The four-day exhibition has successfully drawn the curtain, and the end is also a new beginning! This exhibition tour is not only about showcasing the  Lesite  brand, but also about perceiving market changes and accurately focusing on customer needs. Every innovation and breakthrough we make is inseparable from the trust and support of new and old customers! We will keep walking and forge ahead! We live up to our trust and trust, and will provide higher quality products and services in the future to repay everyone! Meanwhile, as we look back, we sincerely say to all friends who have followed  Lesite: Thank you for having you! Grateful colleagues! Let’s go together for the better!


Live up to your reputation and achieve a perfect ending

When the sea is deep, whales are seen, and when the forest is deep, deer are seen

Goodbye in Shenzhen, hello in Shanghai


See you at the China International Flooring Material Exhibition in Shanghai!

Post time: Apr-21-2023