The new upgrade of Lesite Chinese official website is online

As a well-known brand in the industry, Lesite has always adhered to the corporate development philosophy of “seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering, striving for excellence, and serving customers”, and constantly upgrades and iterates  Lesite products with the spirit of craftsmanship for excellence, and strives to provide customers all over the world with more Competitive plastic welding and industrial heating equipment and solutions. After 15 years of growth and transformation,  Lesite has not only changed its brand image, but today, the newly upgraded Chinese official website (URL: is beautifully launched.


Efforts to create a new official website to comprehensively improve user experience

In order to improve the user experience, members of the Lesite team conducted planning, design, development and testing, and finally created a multifunctional website that integrates product display, news information, social media links, online consultation and messages.




The new official website presented this time is not a partial adjustment and optimization of the old official website, but redefines the visual and functional effects of  Lesite’s official website as a whole. After entering the homepage, users will find that  Lesite has boldly reorganized and refined the content of the section according to the user’s focus, making the entire interface style more refreshing, the structure framework is clearer and easier to understand, the information presentation is more intuitive, and the interaction method is more intuitive. Diversified, more three-dimensional product display, convenient for users to quickly understand the product structure and brand information of  Lesite. The scientific adjustment of layout, layout design and content settings is not only full of taste, but also intimate in real capital


New official website, new highlights, take you on a new journey


There are many highlights of the new official website. After entering the official website, users can feel a new visual transformation. Black, white and red are the main visual hue of the official website, which perfectly echoes the Lesite LOGO, ensuring the unity of the Lesite VI design. sex. The overall layout of the page is more reasonable, the visual impact is stronger, and the style is more elegant.




The three big product pictures on the homepage are shown in a carousel, which is convenient for users to quickly understand Lesite’s hot selling flagship products. The new official website completes content classification and refinement, and product categories are subdivided from functions and applications. Search by level with one click, and you can read accurate information. For each product,




Lesite provides the corresponding actual product pictures and detailed advantages and parameter introduction, so that customers can learn about all Lester products online without leaving home. The new official website has made a huge leap in terms of layout and user-friendly operation of customer experience.


Unlock the new trend of the website, a variety of interactive gameplay is waiting for you

In this official website upgrade, Lesite also fully considers users’ daily browsing habits. The newly presented official website is not only compatible with PC and mobile terminals, but also allows you to follow Lesite ’s corporate WeChat official account and corporate account with one click on the website. Weibo and Toutiao today provide a quick and easy way to learn more about Lesite ‘s corporate information and trends. In the future, the website will also link to short video modules such as Douyin and Tencent, and users will be able to learn more about product craftsmanship and features more intuitively and three-dimensionally by swiping short videos. Users who purchase products can also share short videos of their product use with the product brand through the contact information and email provided on the website, and have a more efficient interaction with the Lesite brand.


In the era of rapid development of information technology, Lesite takes products and users as the core, continuously upgrades the browsing and use experience of the official website, and builds an efficient communication and display platform for brands, products, and users. At the same time, it also adopts more diversified Interaction has injected fresh vitality into the development of the brand.

Post time: Jul-26-2021