Warmly congratulate our company on the release and implementation of the Q/350100LST 001-2022 “Geomembrane Welding Machine” standard!

Congratulations to Lesite company’s Q/350100LST 001-2022 “Geomembrane Welding Machine” standard, which has been approved by experts and meets the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, mandatory standards and relevant industrial policies. It has been approved and released by the legal representative of the enterprise in accordance with the prescribed procedures.






Our geomembrane series products meet the technical requirements of the Q/350100LST 001-2022 “Geomembrane Welding Machine” standard, and the corresponding standard number will be indicated on the product and product packaging from July 2022.


Nameplate standard express 


Instruction standard express


Product packaging standard express

First-class companies set standards, second-class companies make brands, and third-class companies make products. Setting standards has become an important part of corporate development strategies. Over the years, Lesite has continued to develop and innovate in the industry, and continuously improve product quality and service levels. The release and implementation of this corporate standard not only represents the recognition of Leicester’s brand and products by the industry and the market, but also reflects the strong strength of Lesite itself.


Enterprise standards implementation is both a task and a challenge. The release and implementation of the Lesite geomembrane welding machine standard should pay attention to the implementation and implementation of the micro-level, and lay a solid foundation for the release and implementation of other series of product standards for subsequent enterprises. The company should work with all employees to plan the overall situation and enhance the sense of responsibility for meeting standards and innovation; continue to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the majority of employees, and consolidate a good atmosphere in which everyone understands standards, everyone speaks standards, takes standard jobs, and does standard work. Grasp the situation of co-management; we must constantly standardize the site and improve the information; at the same time, we must further conduct a multi-angle and all-round search for hidden hidden dangers in key links, and pay close attention to the implementation to ensure that every identified problem point can achieve closed-loop rectification.


In the future, with the formulation of various industry standards, there will be more stringent and standardized requirements for the production and services of enterprises. As a “leader” in the industry, Lesite will adhere to the principle of “win in standards and execution”, continue to improve the level of enterprise standardization, promote industry standardization, and lead the high-quality development of the industry.

Post time: Jul-15-2022