Digtal Hot Air Welding Tools LST1600D

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LST1600D Hot Air Welding Gun with Temperature Display.

This is an intelligent manual hot air tool suitable for use on the construction site. It is mainly used for welding various hot melt plastics such as PE, PP, EVA, PVC, TPO, PVDF, etc. It can also be used for hot-forming, heat shrinking, and drying, igniting and other operations. In addition to the advantages of Lesite hot air welding gun double insulation, two-pole overheating protection, constant temperature control, and continuous temperature adjustment, the visualized real-time temperature display makes it easier for users to adjust the appropriate temperature and improve work efficiency.

Small orders accepted.

To meet small batch customized services.

Welding nozzles of different specifications such as round quick welding nozzles, triangular quick welding nozzles, spot welding nozzles, etc., can be freely matched and purchased according to the needs of use
To meet the voltage requirements of 120V and 230V different countries and EU standard, US standard, UK standard plug requirements.

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Closed Loop Control - Accurate temperature control
This hot air gun is equipped with a built-in thermocouple, using closed-loop control to accurately control the heating temperature of the hot air gun even if the voltage and ambient temperature change, the hot air gun can automatically adjust to the set temperature

Temperature display - Set temperature and Actual temperature - dual display
LCD displays the Set temperature and the Actual temperature at the same time, which is convenient for the operator to observe the real-time working temperature of the hot air gun at any time.

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  • Model LST1600D
    Voltage 230V / 120V
    Power 1600W
    Temperature adjusted 20~620℃
    Air volume Max 180 L/min
    Air Pressure 2600 Pa
    Net weight 1.05kg
    Handle Size Φ 58 mm
    Digital Display yes
    Motor Brush
    Certification CE
    Warranty 1 year

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