Plastic Welding Hot Air Gun LST1600S

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LST1600S New Professional Hot Air Welding Tool

This hot air welding gun adopts ergonomic design, more lightweight, portable, practical and comfortable. Equipped with a new upgraded motor, High quality splash resistant rocker switch and durable heating element make this air gun very popular among users. This hot air welding gun is widely used in welding plastic liners, plates, pipes, and plastic floors. It can also be used for hot forming, heat shrinking, drying, and igniting.

Small orders accepted.

To meet small batch customized services.

Welding nozzles of different sizes such as 20mm/40mm/φ5mm can be freely selected according to needs.

To meet the voltage requirements of 120V and 230V different countries and EU standard, US standard, UK standard plug requirements.

15 years of development history, excellent technical team, exquisite craftsmanship, stable and reliable quality are the key factors for our company’s products to stay in the forefront of the world.







Original imported Power Switch - long life time
The use of dustproof and waterproof structure, in the harsh construction environment can achieve the ideal working hours

Newly upgraded heating element overheat protection function-More accurate protection
The new silicon photoelectric sensor replaces the original photoelectric resistance, which makes the protection more accurate and reliable. Especially in the outdoor construction site of the roof, it can effectively prevent the false alarm of the hot air gun caused by the reflection of the strong daylight in the white PVC/TPO material

High-end Potentiometer knob - Durable and Reliable
The new high-end potentiometer knob metal structure design, more firm and durable, more reliable sealing performance, long service life

Newly developed motor and wear-resistant carbon brush – the first carbon brush can reach 1000 hours (Manufacturer's indoor test environment)
The quality of the newly developed drive motor is more reliable. Combined with the dustproof bearing and wear-resistant carbon brush, the life of the whole drive motor ≥ 1000 working hours.

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  • Model LST1600S
    Voltage 230V / 120V
    Power 1600W
    Temperature adjusted 50~620℃
    Air volume Max 180 L/min
    Air Pressure 2600 Pa
    Net weight 1.05kg
    Handle Size Φ58 mm
    Digital Display No
    Motor Brushed
    Certification CE
    Warranty 1 year

    Welding of PP plastic profile


    Welding PP plate for inner lining of carriage


    Welding plastic tank


    Welding TPO membrane in roof


    download-ico Manual Hot Air Welding

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