Concentrate on strength, forge ahead | Lesite 2020 year-end summary meeting.


Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. The New Year's bell has been struck, and the wheels of time have left a deep mark. The challenging and promising 2020 is far away, and the hopeful and aggressive 2021 is coming. 2021 is not only a new year for Lesite, but also a witness of 15 years of development. On January 30, 2021, Lesite General Manager Lin Min, together with the company's senior management and all employees, reviewed the development process of the past year and looked forward to the vision and goals for the new year.


Work together to create brilliance——Leader's speech


At the year-end summary meeting, Mr. Lin made a summary review from the aspects of enterprise development, 5-year planning, product quality and 5S management, corporate administrative system and management. President Lin said that 2020 will be an extraordinary year. Facing the outstanding new crown pneumonia epidemic, facing the complex and changeable business environment, and facing fierce market competition, Lesite will focus on epidemic prevention and business operations. All employees are united, strengthen their confidence, unit as one, overcome difficulties, accurately study and plan, adjust the production and operation organization in a timely manner, mobilize the strength and enthusiasm of all aspects of the company, and ensure the safety of "epidemic prevention" and the production and operation of the company. Stable and orderly development, and achieved excellent results.


2021 is a more onerous year for the company’s various tasks, and it is also a key year for the overall improvement of the company’s overall strength. It is hoped that all departments will not forget their original aspirations, be steady and far-reaching, implement the company’s various tasks and goals, and strive to make a breakthrough in the company in 2021. The overall performance mark, work together to achieve a win-win situation, and build brilliance together, and work together to successfully complete the company's five-year development goals.

Create value together——Awards meeting

Perseverance, work silently. Lesite can achieve such results in such a special year of 2020, and it is inseparable from a batch of outstanding employees who are diligent, dedicated and dedicated. They uphold a pragmatic, diligent, serious and responsible attitude towards their work, accomplishing goals again and again, and infect everyone around them with their unique charm.


Welcome new employees


Excellent staff


Excellent staff


10th anniversary employees


Special recognition of employees

Excellent teams, Lesite fighters reaped their glory in the applause, encouraging more Lesite employees to take these as examples, to fight bravely, to achieve oneself, and to create together value.

Lucky draw, exciting——Lucky Competition


Lucky Competition


Third prize winner


Third prize winner


First prize winner


Grand Prize winner

Lucky draw, exciting——Lucky Competition


The past 2020 has been fulfilled in the busy, happy in moving forward, moved in the sweat of cohesion, there are achievements, gains, confusion and reflection. The gratifying results give us the confidence to move forward and continue to reflect and accelerate our development. The pace of improvement. In 2021, Lesite employees are ready to go, working together, full of realizing the goal of "a small step in a year, a big step in three years, and a doubling in five years." A new chapter in the development of Lesite!

Post time: Feb-25-2021