Powerful And Fast Roofing Hot Air Welder LST-WP1

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Powerful & Fast Welding Speed

The newly designed roof hot-air welding machine WP1, which adopts advanced hot-air heating technology, is easy to operate, stable in performance, high in power, and has a wide range of industry applications. It can quickly realize industrial plants, public venues, underground projects, swimming pools, etc. Construction and welding of high-quality thermoplastic waterproofing membranes such as PVC, TPO, EPDM, etc. in many fields.

First choice for large-area roof welding, stable operation and more efficient use.

WP1 BL enhanced version with Brushless motor

WP1 BL enhanced version gives it high performance and durability, with overall performance far superior to that of comparable products.

The maintenance-free brushless motor without replacing the carbon brush, with a life time of up to 6000 hours.

Closed-Loop Control

This machine is not only able to show the welding temperature and welding speed, the control system adopts closed loop control, regardless of the external voltage change, or upward or downward direction of welding under the condition of the external environment changes, such as negative feedback automatically adjust the setting temperature and speed, make the welding parameters is more stable, more reliable welding quality.

Small orders accepted

To meet small batch customized services

 Spare parts

Includes 1pc extra 230v/4000w heating element, 5 pcs fuses ( for circuit board),1pc anti-hot pad, 1pc steel brush for clearing welding nozzle, 1pc steel operation handle, 1pc additional counterweight, 1pc screwdrivers and 4pcs wrenches, 1 pc English Manual.

 Inner packing

Machine is locked with screws inner the metal carry case.

Use plastic bubble to pack parts like spare parts bag, handle to advoid collisions during transportation.







Intelligent control system
Easy and intuitive operation.
Field voltage 180-240V can still be used normally.
Closed-loop control temperature and speed with parameter setting memory and fault alarm function

Efficient Welding Nozzle
Anti-scald protection design with maximizing heat volume and air volume ensure the welding quality and improve the construction efficiency.

Advanced Belt Combined with Pressure Rollers System
Belt and pressure rollers are simple and convenient to replace, the pressure is balanced and the walking is stable, which can well suppress the bulging phenomenon and ensure the uniform and reliable welding seam

Accurate Positioning System
Through the positioning of the guiding positioning wheel, it ensures the welder walking straightly without deviation.

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  • Model LST-WP1 LST-WP112
    Voltage 230V 230V
    Power 4200W 4200W
    Temperature 50~620℃ 50~620℃
    Welding speed 1-10m/min 1-10m/min
    Welding seam 40mm 40mm
    Dimensions (length × width × height) 555x358x304mm 555x358x304mm
    Net weight 38kg 38kg
    motor Brushed 12
    Air volume Not adjustable 70-100% Infinitely Adjustable
    Certification CE CE
    Warranty 1 year 1 year

    Fast and efficient welding of TPO


    download-ico LST-WP1

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