2023CLCFPerfect Closing | LESITE Strength debut, exciting review


2023CLCF at the Fuyue Hotel in Shanghai. The forum focused on the theme of "breaking the situation and raging", with the core words of "integrated quality, brand building, and standard quality", to promote the development of domestic laboratory construction. The forum covers topics such as laboratory construction, laboratory management, laboratory safety, laboratory standards, and laboratory intelligence in fields such as public health, food health, biomedicine, environmental monitoring, petrochemical industry, and university research. The forum has a huge exhibition area of nearly 2000 square meters, gathering over 50 suppliers of "laboratory construction engineering and supporting equipment", and 200 research institutes and units to participate. The forum is guided by national policies, exchanges of innovative technologies, and focuses on market demand. Together with members of the laboratory industry, we aim to create an industry event where a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend.


Lesite as a supporting and cooperating unit for the first time participating in the forum conference, this time demonstrated the extraordinary strength of the enterprise. The manual hot air welding gun products related to the laboratory are mainly displayed, bringing you the most innovative welding solution for Laboratory equipment on the market at present. The booth products have attracted numerous industry professionals to visit, discuss, and exchange with their strength. The company staff patiently explained and demonstrated on-site for customers, further deepening their trust and support in the company and products.




On the afternoon of June 17th, during the "2023 Fourth China Laboratory Construction and Development Forum - High Quality Exhibitor Roadshow", Lesite stood out. Lesite Director Li Weijun presented the company's development history, research and development team, full range of products, and core capabilities to the attendees, with a focus on showcasing cutting-edge and competitive products related to laboratory solutions and equipment. The on-site attendees gained a deeper understanding of Lesite through the roadshow introduction and praised its developed products.


Through the presentation of this forum meeting,  Lesite 's products not only shine brightly in the professional field, but also seek more partners, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of the enterprise in the future. I am grateful for the support and love of new and old customers, as well as for every customer who comes to the booth for communication and exchange. Although the exhibition has come to a perfect end, we are constantly moving forward. We hope to continue our original intention, work together and strive to cooperate with you in the future with higher quality products and services.


Exhibition Name: 2023 China International Flooring Materials Exhibition (25th China International Flooring Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition)

Booth : Hall 7.2, Booth D43

Time: July 26, 2023

Location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, China


Exhibition Name: 2023 China International Roof Waterproofing Exhibition (2023 China International Roof and Building Waterproofing Technology Exhibition)

Booth : Hall 5.2, Booth 660

Time: March 3rd to August 5th, 2022

Location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, China

Post time: Jun-19-2023