Create an industry benchmark! The Lesite Fine Management Project Launch Conference was successfully held!

On September 18, 2020, Fuzhou Lesite  Plastic Welding Technology Co., Ltd.'s fine management project kick-off meeting was successfully held in the company's production workshop! Lesite General Manager Lin Min, Deputy General Manager Yu Han, Factory Director Nie Qiuguang, Fuzhou Hongbo Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. senior consultant Chen Kun and all staff of Lesite  Company participated in this kick-off meeting to open Lesite together. A new chapter in the company's refined management.

Fine management, hard work to promote development


"How to do business management? Is it overnight, overnight, or precise and long-term success. From standardized management to refined management, to comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the company, Lesite wants to set a benchmark in the industry, go to the global market, and achieve As an industry brand model, it is necessary to promote the refined brand management project, form a set of effective Lesite management standards, and lay a solid foundation for the company's rapid development on the high-quality track!" Lin Min, general manager in Lesite Fine Exciting speech at the management project kick-off meeting!


Immediately afterwards, General Manager Lin Min focused on introducing Fuzhou Hongbo Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and Mr. Chen Kun, which kicked off the sincere cooperation between the two parties. In order to effectively promote the process of refined management projects, a promotion team was established at the kick-off meeting to designate relevant project leaders, formulate specific promotion plans from strategic scale, target system construction, internal control system construction, etc., and upgrade the enterprise management system in an all-round way.


At the meeting, Mr. Chen Kun analyzed the refined and standardized management projects. He said: Refined management is a management mode that implements various management ideas and management concepts of the enterprise into all management links of the enterprise, and integrates various management tasks. Be careful and pragmatic in order to comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management. I hope that in the practice of this refined management project, every employee of Lesite can see their own growth and changes, know how to allocate, work efficiently, implement effectively, break through themselves, and achieve a qualitative leap.


"From now on, I will absolutely abide by the company's regulations, fully promote, support and cooperate with the implementation and development of refined management projects, and fulfill my duties. I have the confidence to thoroughly implement and continue to improve. Through learning, we will definitely enable Lesite to reach the industry First-class management level. Hereby take the oath!" All the participants under the leadership of the company carried out a solemn oath and signing ceremony. The participants made a powerful oath and promised to push the fine management project kick-off meeting to a climax.

Strive for perfection, seek truth from facts and create quality products


According to the actual situation of workshop production management, factory director Nie Qiuguang put forward higher requirements on how to regulate workshop production, material requirements, material procurement, quality control, and warehouse management. He pointed out that the implementation of refined management is an opportunity for change. In the current complex market environment, relying on refined management can reduce costs, improve quality, and increase efficiency. It is hoped that all staff will implement the refined management and high-standard 6S system in place, refine the goals, decompose them at different levels, and implement them effectively, so as to create higher-quality products for Lesite  in the future, and move on to the goal of serving the world. At the same time, it also expressed the trust and high expectations of Hongbo Consulting. I believe that under the guidance of the Hongbo Consulting team, a lean production model suitable for Lesite  will be created, which will really lay a solid foundation for the company's strategic upgrade!


"Refined management is the core essence of scientific management and a major change in the company’s production. Refined management projects focus on implementation. All employees must unify their thinking, build consensus, coordinate planning, scientifically and forcefully promote, precise focus, and key breakthroughs. Solidly promote the full implementation of delicacy management.” Deputy General Manager Yu Han concluded, “As a Lesite person, we must always keep in mind our original aspirations. Only by fully understanding the importance of implementing “delicacy management” can we implement various management tasks. Put it into practice, make the enterprise adapt to the new situation and change, and promote enterprise management to a new level quickly. In the management process, it is necessary to be good at using data to speak, and make rational judgments and decisions based on data. All strategies start with the end point. Only when the end point is determined, and from the back forward, can we set the implementation plan, step by step, achieve the goal and realize the ideal."

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Post time: Jan-07-2021